Robusta Coffee & Arabica

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Robusta Coffee & Arabica

We produce Robusta and Arabica beans, grown at 900 – 1100 meters above sea level, handpicked and sorted. We’re kind of outdoorsy in our approach, because to produce the right beans, you have to tromp through some pretty rugged interior locations of Coffee growing regions. We also source from the best of coffee Estates across India. Our sourcing and selection team maintains stringent standards when selecting green coffee for our menu. All beans, from the components of our house selection to our rotating cast of signature coffees, go through our intense quality processes to meet our high standards. Our quality protocols require cupping (tasting) hundreds of samples of coffee per year, maintaining a seasonal rotation of beans. We leave no stone unturned to ensure you get the best coffee at home or at work. Our endeavour is to become the best personalised coffee brand.

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