Coffee Beanes

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Product Attributes

  • – Brand Name coffeebeans
  • – Model Number coffee
  • – Place of Origin Brazil
  • – Supply TypeIn -Stock Items
  • – Condition New
  • – Processing Roasted
  • – Type Arabica
  • – Related KeywordsArabic coffee beans

Description by Manufacturer

Our company is one of the leading producers of coffee and coffee beans product in Brazil. Permanent control of the production provides a stable quality of products that meet all requirements and norms of National and international standard . In order to satisfy the clients’ needs we provide products that meet all the requirements: individual labeling, packaging and flexible delivery terms. Our company can offer a wide range of products. At the present time we pay a great attention to working with companies all over the world. dealing with us will be of great benefit due to our best product greats, good offers and discount to customers.

Variety: Arabica
Grade: 1
Roast: Green, Black, White


Shelf life: 24 months
Production process: Coffee Havesting-
Coffee Cherry Dehuling-
Coffee Fermentation-
Coffee Drying-
Coffee color sorting and grading
Storage Method: Sun light proof, ventilated, dry and clean warehouse


Moisture: 12.5 % max
Foreign matters: 0.1% max
Black & Broken beans: 0.5% max
Screen 18: 90% min
Packing: jute bag (net 60 kg)
Origin: BRAZIL


  • PriceUS$ \ 900 ~ 1300  / Metric Ton


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