Cocoa Beans

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Cocoa Beans Raw | Cocoa Beans for Sale

The cocoabean also called cacao bean is native to Central America and Mexico. Cocoa trees grow in the Columbia, Venezuela and the foothills of the Andes mountains in the Amazon Basin in South America. Cocoabeans grow on a plant called Theobroma Cocoa meaning ‘food of the Gods’. Organic cocoa beans for sale are cultivated with organic fertilizers are certainly more beneficial and can be made into chocolate or mole sauce.

Culinary Purposes-

Raw cocoa beans for sale are roasted to produce cocoa and are believed to contain more nutrients than cultivated or processed cocoa. Buy raw cocoa beans online incorporating them in your diet to get maximum benefits. Though these beans have a bitter taste they can be consumed in another delicious option, dark chocolate.

Add raw cocoabeans to milk to prepare delicious chocolate shake. Another way to consume cocoa beans is to chew them raw or make a smoothie blending cocoabeans, fruits and honey. You can crush cocoa beans sprinkling them over yoghurt or ice cream. Blending powdered cocoabeans in herbal teas will be very refreshing. Last but not the least, make exotic chocolate sauce by blending ground Cocoa beans with coconut oil and pour them on cookies, brownies or on desserts.

Health Benefits-

Cocoabeans for sale are characterized with several benefits as these include many polyphenols like flavonoids These beans are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, calcium, manganese, potassium, copper that help to support heart health and lowers blood pressure. Iron present in the cocoabeans help to transport oxygen in the body. Cocoabeans also act as an antioxidant, energy booster and antidepressant. The Epicatechin present in the cocoabeans help to reduce the blood sugar levels, treat strokes and cancer. In fact raw cocoabeans also aid in weight loss.

How to Store-

It is best to store cocoabeans in the original form or crushed form in air tight containers keeping them in a cool dry place. Buy cocoabeans online from India’s pinnacle point for online spices.


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