Alfafa Hay,Hay Animal Feed, Hay Feed

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Description by Manufacturer

We offer alfalfa pellets and hay produced according to GMP+ quality system principles.

1. Alfalfa is dried in mild temperature 70-110°C to get high quality feed material

2. Pelletes are made without using hammer mill in order to get high quality alfalfa pellets.

3. Alfalfa for bales is cut to approx. 5cm long.

I. Alfalfa pellets main tech parameters

Protein approx. 16-18%

Moisture content max. 12%

Fibre content max. 30%

Ash content max. 11%

Pellet size:  6-10 mm (depends on customer needs), density 600-700g/l.

Delivery: 40” container load in bulk or packed 23-24t, by trucks in 1t big bags 24t or in vessels.
Packing: bulk, 1000kg bags.
We can offer also alfalfa with lower protein content.

II. Alfalfa hay bales main tech pratmeters

Protein approx. 16%-17%

Moisture content max. 12%

Fibre content max. 30%

Ash content max. 11%

Bale size: 80*110*110cm, approx. 420kg, density 440-460 g/l or 80*110*230cm, approx.  900kg.

Delivery: 40” container load 23-24t, by truck 24t or in vessels.
We can consider production of small bales 20-25kg/bale.


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